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waxing frequesntly asked questions
waxing frequesntly asked questions
Unfortunately it doesn’t tickle but we CAN promise the pain won’t be as bad as you are expecting. We know this because nearly every customer says the same thing at the end of their first intimate wax which is “Oh it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting”. TV shows and internet videos usually portray some poor soul screaming and crying out in agony like they’ve been shot… a huge over exaggeration.

In reality the wax is warm, not hot, and when the therapist removes the strip with exceptional skill you will feel a stinging sensation that stops within 2 seconds. Some areas hurt more than others but the parts you are expecting to ‘kill’ actually don’t. For example you may be concerned about the areas where your skin is thinner and more sensitive i.e towards the inner parts of the labia if you are having a Brazilian or Hollywood. It might surprise you to know that this is the part that actually hurts the least and where your skin is sturdier, i.e at the top-front, this is the part where the most amount of hair grows and so it stings a little more but is the easiest part of a Brazilian or Hollywood to wax.

We all get taught in our Academy to wax to a fantastic standard, and we all do the same steps. The main part of our training is to use a technique that minimises that pain level. From the size of the strips to how much to support the skin, it’s all covered to a fine point detail, almost like a science. It’s drilled in and practiced until it becomes second nature with one-to-one tuition and supervision. This is why our customers love us so much because it shows in our work and because our customers know we are super careful with this treatment. Well you HAVE to be when doing a Brazilian otherwise you’ll cause more pain than you need to and we’re all about minimising the ‘ouch’ factor.

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