Confidence, fitness and the little things that can put us off going gym. Hell yeah! There are lots of reasons why women get Brazilians or Hollywood’s
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It might surprise you to know that most women have said they choose to get a Brazilian wax because we all relate body hair to hygiene and not sex. Almost every woman worldwide removes their under-arm hair one way or another. It’s associated with basic grooming principles like brushing your teeth or making sure nose hair is trimmed. This is because hair sits in follicles which have sebaceous glands attached. These secrete oily sebum and sweat which makes us greasy, can smell, can cause dandruff when it dries up and makes us generally sweaty.

Hair holds all these horrible things together. Pubic hair is exactly the same as under-arm hair so we are beginning to understand in the UK that if we are removing one then we should remove the other. The American and Brazilian ladies overseas are far ahead of us in that department where it’s just plain common to wax your lady garden. We automatically feel cleaner after a Brazilian or Hollywood wax. In fact a lot of women choose to have a wax just before that time of the month because it feels more hygienic and less bothersome.

Another reason is that at some point most of us have shaved in the past which has made the hair thicker. Waxing reduces the amount of hair and keeps it away for far longer. The main complaints about shaving are that the stubble grows back within two days, it itches when it grows, it causes razor burns and it gets to the point where the hair has become so thick it actually hurts to shave.

Another reason for waxing is that at some point most of us are going to face that un-thought of problem of hair removal when you’re pregnant and can no longer touch your toes… aaaaaahhh. It’s very common for pregnant women to have Brazilian and Hollywood waxing in the run up to their due date. Without clutching at straws, it’s good practice in raising your pain threshold, you’re all neat and tidy for your audience on the big day and you can forget about it after baby arrives because you’ll have your hands full with bigger concerns! At least you won’t be all itchy after shaving. Another reason is that some of us want to ahem… avoid those grey hairs cropping up all of a sudden. It’s easy to dye your hair up top, not so safe to put peroxide down below.

Swimmers, athletes and those heading for the sun sea and sand all appreciate the benefits of a good Brazilian Wax. No pricklies poking out of swimsuits and no need to pack a razor blade. Wax and go, it’s so much easier.

Finally of course there’s the obvious reason of our sex lives. No one walks around in a skirt with hairy legs; we’ll choose to wear tights or trousers instead. We make an effort to remove upper-lip hair and keep our eyebrows in check. We spend on average £50 per month on hairdressing and a whole lot more on clothes and make-up etc. That’s why when the clothes come off we don’t want an out of control bush peeking out the side of silk undies and ruining all the rest of the effort. Why does it look better to have less hair down below? Because visually we link it back to hygiene which is the same reason why it looks better to have no under-arm hair either.

It’s incredible how a wax can make you feel more feminine and groomed. The only downside to having a Brazilian or Hollywood is that it hurts a little for 15 minutes. The benefits however, are a silky-smooth hair free result for 3-4 weeks, no more last minute shaving, no razor burn, no itchy re-growth, underwear looks great, it feels cleaner, sexier and gives a great boost to your self respect and confidence.
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customers views
What's the difference between the Brazilian and the Hollywood?
Mariana | Manchester
8/10/2015 5:16:17 PM
BWC reply to queries
Hi Mariana A Hollywood wax removes all the hair from the entire bikini area, crack included. A Brazilian removes all the hair from the crack and the underneath but leaves a small strip or triangle on the front. Personally I recommend the Hollywood. (in for a penny, in for a pound!)
Kayleigh | Brazilian Waxing Company Staff
BWC reply to queries
Really, how much does it hurt?
Fatima | Bogota Colombia
8/17/2014 1:14:20 AM
BWC reply to queries
Not as much as you'd think! Also not as much as waxing. Our machine has a cooling spray which is released on to the skin with every pulse of laser for extra comfort!
| Brazilian Waxing Company Staff
BWC reply to queries
It is OK to get a brazilian the day before going on holiday?
Claire R | Wythenshaw, Manchester
2/22/2014 10:17:31 PM
BWC reply to queries
Yes, that should be fine. Just remember not to tan within 24 hours after your treatment.
Christine C. | Brazilian Waxing Company Staff
BWC reply to queries