Leg wax (full) for Beginners

Average time of treatment
30 mins

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Jodie P -Stockport
Updated on: 30 April 2014 10:25
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Leg wax (full)(s) will be done by our therapists today
'The girl at Brazilian Waxing Company even managed to get rid of those teeny tiny ones that catch the light and drive me mad!!'

What is included?

The experience we have gained from waxing the majority of Manchester for the passed 10 years has shown us there is no point in just waxing off the hairs we can see in the room on the day. So we coat the entire leg from hip to toe in wax to ensure we remove every single hair. From the really obvious ones, right down to the teeny fair ones!! This includes the feet and toes and leaves the perfect smoothness for an even tan weather its self tan or natural. So get them shorts,skirts and dresses out of the wardrobe and show off them legs for summer! p.s. don't forget your sandals!

What Wax do we use?

For body waxing we use our signature Gold Wax. It glides on easily like silk. It isn't gunky or gummy so it doesn't give your skin that dull aching sensation.

If you would like to book in for the womens treatments, that's not a problem we won't charge you anymore. If you could just give us a call on 02081234332 to let us know so we can ensure we have the correct time slot for your treatment.

Jodie P -Stockport
30 April 2014

Things to consider BEFORE a Full leg Wax

1) Don't remove any hair from the area for at least 2 weeks before the treatment for best results.

2) We cannot wax anyone who has been on a sunbed within 24 hours or if you are sunburnt.

3) Exfoliate the area before your appointment. It will help to lift out ingrown hairs and get you a smoother result.

Things to consider AFTER a Leg Wax

1) You must not use a sunbed or sun bathe for 48 hours after a wax.

2) Redness in the area is normal and will subside within a few days.

3) Wait for any redness to fade then exfoliate everyday in the shower to avoid in growing hairs.

For full details on our Before and After care advice for waxing please click HERE.

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