Full body wax for Beginners

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Full body wax(s) will be done by our therapists today
Yes that's right every single hair from the neck down with a basic speedo all for just £60!

What is a Full Body Wax and what does it include?

Ok.... so a Full Body Wax is perfect for those people that hate having hair anywhere.

Swimmers love our Full Body Wax as removing every single hair gives them that aerodynamic edge! Clients love that all over smooth skin it can actually be quite addictive!
The Full Body wax includes;
*Full leg
*Full arm

Things to consider BEFORE a Full Body Wax

1) We cannot wax anyone who has been on a sunbed within 24 hours or if you are sunburnt.

2) Exfoliate the area before your appointment. It will help to lift out ingrown hairs and get you a smoother result.

3) Don't remove any hair from the area for at least 2 weeks before your first wax for best results. The hair needs to be the right length for the wax to 'grab' onto. If you can pinch the hair it is long enough.

Things to consider AFTER a Full Body Wax

1) You must not use a sunbed or sun bathe for 48 hours after a wax.

2) Redness in the area is normal and will subside within a few days.

3) Wait for any redness to fade then exfoliate everyday in the shower to avoid in growing hairs.

4) Hair grows on a 28 day cycle so we recommend getting waxed every 4 weeks. The more you wax the longer it takes to grow back again :)

5) Never shave between waxing! It makes your hair grow back thicker, makes your wax more painful, your hairs more stubborn and un-does the benefit of your wax.

For full details on our Before and After care advice for waxing please click HERE.

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Does this wax include everything or would any treatments be charged extra?
Andy | Stockport
5/27/2014 5:51:02 PM
BWC reply to queries
The full body includes everything from the neck down excluding the BSC treatment. The speedo and buttocks are included in the full body treatment
Caitlan | Brazilian Waxing Company Staff
BWC reply to queries
Hi there, what do you mean by exfoliate hair?
yusuf | rochdale
5/12/2014 11:05:19 AM
BWC reply to queries
Before and after waxing we recommend exfoliating the area because it helps to stop ingrowing hairs. To do this you could either use an exfoliating mitt or stone to gently rub over the area whilst showering.
charlotte | Brazilian Waxing Company Staff
BWC reply to queries