A gender neutral environment on a mission to help you

Walking the streets of Manchester on literally any day or at any time, whether it’s your commute to work, shopping with your mum or a long awaited brunch date with your pals, it’s plain to see that we are living in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the UK.
Nothing feels out of place or ‘weird’ here because to put it simply, nothing is.

Located on Oxford road, Brazilian Waxing Company has a vast clientele from all walks of life.
From clients preparing for a wedding to those simply celebrating their gender fluidity, we offer a gender neutral pricing system and a completely impartial welcome.

30% of enquiries we receive are from transgender or non binary people looking to connect with a salon that can offer them the safety and care required, in order for them to confidently make an appointment.

At BWC we recognise and appreciate that our clients are human, no matter who or how they identify.
We are the epitome of inclusion and always on hand to assist any person wanting to look and feel their best.
Nothing says more about a place than the people who frequent it and this is exemplified by those who visit BWC every single day. Over 18s only.

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