Brow Lamination

Our new eyebrow treatment for the fullest, bushiest brows


Our new eyebrow treatment for the fullest, bushiest brows

Brow Lamination is one of the fastest growing eyebrow trends of 2020 and we are exceptionally excited to be offering this treatment right now at Brazilian Waxing Company.

So what’s new?

You may have gone down the microblading route to right this wrong or even gone as far as to give those ludicrous eyebrow extensions a whirl! And then do you remember in 2017 when everybody was instagramming their perfectly sculpted, super tame and tidy HD brows??
Well that’s it now, it’s over. Ain’t nobody got time for that any more.

And with bushy browed beauty’s like Cara Delvigne, Emilia Clarke and Zendaya regularly gracing the covers of Vogue, Bazaar, Tatler and our Instagram feeds, the formation of Brow Lamination is fast becoming the Holy Grail of eye brow styling.

So what is Brow Lamination and why should you be as obsessed with it as we are ?

Brow Lamination is the process of restructuring the hairs to keep them in the desired shape/style. The relocation of the hairs brushed in an upwards direction gives an immediate uplifting effect to the eyes and face, giving a more youthful appearance.

Those of us gifted with an abundance of thick brow hairs will reap the benefits of this process as it will fix the hairs in place with a hold that literally no other product on the market can deliver.  Those with finer brows can benefit too as it will help give the appearance of fuller brows whilst using what you do have, to style over any gaps or sparser areas. 

The fashionable, feathery effect that is all over the runway and editorial shoots can now be achieved without the use of a powder, a gel comb and a 22mph gust of wind in the right direction!

However, hairs can be brushed into a variety of different looks and do not have to be brushed upwards all of the time. 

The complete brow service

Ok, ok are you sold?! Shall we get you booked in?

At Brazilian Waxing Company we are offering a complete brow service when you book in for Brow Lamination. 

This includes; 

  • A comprehensive consultation with one of our brow technicians. During this, she will take a look at your brows and advise you on the different styles you can achieve with the lamination process. 
  • A brow tint to further enhance the colour and thickness of your brows.
  • A wax or threading treatment to complete the finished look. 

Brow lamination can be tailored to suit any look and the results last up to 8 weeks. BUT our favourite thing about this treatment is you can literally have the best of both worlds whenever you want. 

Corporate comb over through the day, wild party brows at night!


Can I have them tinted at the same time?

Sure! A brow tint is included in our Brow Lamination service and will help to enhance and define your eyebrows.

What if I don’t like them?

Although we’re sure you’re going to love them, should you  not like the new found fullness of your brows after the treatment, you can simply brush your eyebrows back down into a style you’re more comfortable with. 

Will my eyebrows fall out because of this treatment?

No. Our eyebrows naturally shed every 4-6 weeks anyway and a new one grows an takes it’s place. The products used in this treatment are brow friendly!

What if I suffer from eczema or psoriasis around my eyebrows?

We can still carry out the treatment so long as there is no irritated, broken or raised skin. 

Can I have threading/waxing on my brows in between treatments?

Absolutely! All eyebrow hair removal can still be carried out as normal as often as you prefer. 

How often can I have a Brow Lamination treatment?

We recommend every 6-8 weeks to keep you on top of your brow game!