Eyebrow Threading in Manchester;


Eyebrow Threading Explained

Ancient cave paintings have shown our ancestors with the sickest brows we’ve ever seen. Whilst some experts claimed ‘false history’ and depicted images of them with monobrows, we researched further and discovered the earliest form of hair removal; Threading. Whilst the exact origin of threading remains up for debate, what we do know is this technique has grown in popularity and has scored a legion of fans not only in Manchester, but across the entire globe, making it the most sought after eye brow treatment to date. 

Eyebrow Shaping

Using literally just a piece of thread, the technician has the ability to shape the eyebrows with stunning precision and as there is no need for the use of any man made products, threading offers a completely organic, natural treatment that is fast, precise and kind to the skin.

More on Threading 

It can also be used to remove the hairs from the entire facial area, adding further definition to the hairline or beard area.With minimal redness or irritation, clients can leave the salon feeling as banging as our predecessors did but taking selfies rather than painting in caves!

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