Eyebrow & Eyebrow Tinting in Manchester;


Eyebrow Tinting Explained

We’re not sure if it was Cara Delvigne or Frida Kahlo but one thing we do know; dark and defined eyebrows are in! With tinted eyebrows, the colour and depth is already there, eradicating the need for more time in front of the mirror with your eyebrow pencil. Imagine what you could achieve in those extra 20 minutes every morning? Nail the bottle cap challenge? Solve world hunger? If you have a light complexion or fair hair, you will want to make sure your therapist is particularly skilled at what she’s doing, if left on too long, you could end up more brow than human and whilst certainly  ambitious, we doubt its the look you’re aiming for.

Appearance of Tinting

Luckily all of our therapists at Brazilian Waxing Company are expert in achieving the desired result and whilst you’re here, why not go for the lash tint as well? Though it doesn’t offer quite as bold a difference as the brow tint, it irrefutably accentuates the eyes and gives the appearance of longer, fuller lashes. Meaning you can quite literally rock that fresh faced, ready for anything look round the clock. Look out Manchester!

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